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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

My vision is to make sex and relationship education more affordable and accessible. 


Here you will find home. I hope you see yourself and your loved ones here. Most of us desire to be close, to be loved and cherished for who we fundamentally are. It’s written in our vows and the sweet nothings with whisper into each other’s ears when we lean over and kiss each other good morning. 


We put energy in each action we make the second our little feet swing out of bed and land on our bedroom floor. It’s our relationship with our toothbrush, our favorite toothpaste that reminds us of the kind our mom used to buy. As we each pull one leg of our pants on each morning— we are reminded that we all have the same intuitive needs: fulfilling relationships, intimacy, and our sexual desires coming to fruition.


We are moved to look in the mirror and stare at who we were, who we are today, and who we desire to become. We have relationships with that buzzing device that is usually within 2 feet of our thumb at all times. Maybe one of our most intimate relationships we have. We trust it with all of our secrets, our dreams, we trust that it will lead us to where we dream to go, and it holds our precious information that we dare not tell anyone else.


It holds our equity in business and the foundation to create partnerships trans-nationally. It is the backbone of our companies.


It’s our most useful tool and each of us has a complete unique relationship and touch with their own device.


As we walk out the door, we close behind us pure precious kids, animals, partners, and even books. We go into the world to find meaning and purpose to provide abundance to keep those things snuggled up at home safe. We are driven to protect and preserve those things we hold most dear.


Within these pages, I are going to find solace. This is just a taste, to wet your pallet. There is much more to come. 


Xo Heather

Here is my first micro blog.

Here is my first micro blog.