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If we were to give anything back to this world, it is to share the wealth of information on developing our most intimate relationships. As you will see riddled throughout the content-- our deepest fulfillment depends on the quality of our relationships.

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To inspire cognizant exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and relationships.


Course Magazine is for people that value building their interpersonal relationships. Course connects thoughtful design with cognizant exploration of relationships, sexuality and intimacy to foster a long lasting impact on our readers. Course's purpose is to produce a quality print and digital experience with an emphasis on the importance of interpersonal connection, growth, and understanding.

Course Magazine is for people interested in keeping up to date with contemporary information, tools, and the most recent discoveries in relationships within modern culture. Our goal is to help people gain access to alternate, interpersonal theories in concise print and digital format. This publication provides an intersectional and expansive look at relationships, sexuality, and intimacy-- giving linguistic understanding to our day to day relational experience.


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